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The Stages of Advancement in Kung Fu

Dr. John Chiu

Known for his emphasis on minimally invasive spine surgery, Dr. John Chiu serves the needs of patients in Thousand Oaks, California. With a personal focus on martial arts, Dr. John Chiu enjoys both the physical and mental discipline of training in ancient offensive and defensive traditions.

The pathway toward earning a black belt in kung fu is rigorous and intensive, and requires at least three years for most practitioners. With many styles of kung fu in existence, a typical progression involves earning sashes in various colors, including white, yellow, orange, blue, and green, before reaching the black belt level.

Many kung fu disciplines also have several levels of black belts, and progressing from a first-degree black belt to a second-degree black belt can require as much time and effort as it took to gain the black sash in the first place.
The reason for multiple levels is not simply to keep practitioners on a lifelong learning path. As techniques become more advanced, they also demand more from the body. Taking time to comfortably inhabit each level of practice is essential to building the muscle strength and endurance necessary to learn new techniques without risk of serious injury.

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